National Guard Troop Event
National Guard Troop Event proceedings.

I just wanted to share this with all of you who weren’t able to come help out at the National Guard Deployment event yesterday.

First, I want to thank those from our Post who came to help out: Angela Donkers (and her daughter, Heather), and Kristi Kellogg.  I noticed several other familiar faces, Scott Burns and the beautiful Michelle.  Thank you for stepping up and sacrificing part of your Saturday.  In case you want to follow up, the main sponsors of yesterday’s event were Post 7968 (Apache Junction) and District 4.

These events are important to provide the Troops and their families a brief reprieve from the worries of preparing to go overseas.  Most of them are young and have never gone anywhere. They have families, children, parents and siblings, all who feel anxious about the future.  The Auxiliary has a commitment to these Troops.  My hope is that our support and effort to provide a space in which these families can get together in one place and enjoy some camaraderie, getting to know each other, for a time when having enough friends who are experiencing the same thing have the opportunity to connect.  For myself, it would have been very comforting to know (or at least to have met) the families of the other Troop-members when my son was deployed the many times he went.

Please keep the National Guard Troops in your thoughts and prayers. The troops are deploying to Afghanistan.

I’m not the greatest photographer, but posted are some shots of the events yesterday. Enjoy.

Barbara White – Auxiliary of the VFW Post 1760 President

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