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Activities within the Post 1760 organization.

Upcoming Veterans Day Parade

The various volunteers who are working on the “Rocks and Shoals” entry for the 2017 Veterans Day Parade are creating a self-propelled float for the parade. It is… READ»

2017 Memorial Day

Memorial Day 2017

This year we had another great Memorial Day ceremony with all those involved. Saturday, we had a good turnout at Mesa Cemetery to help with getting the flags out on… READ»

USMC Birthday

U.S. Marine Corps Birthday Celebration

This year on Thursday, November 10th the Mesa VFW and our Marine veteran contingent held our annual Marine Corps Birthday Celebration. There was much to enjoy with our Senior Vice Commander… READ»

Navy Birthday

U.S. Navy Birthday Celebration

This year on October 15th the Mesa VFW with a few of their Navy Veterans put together for the first time a U.S. Navy Birthday Celebration. There was… READ»

Kevin Thompson

Memorial Day 2016

This year we had a great Memorial Day with all those involved. Saturday, we had a great turnout at Mesa Cemetery of about 75 people to help with getting the… READ»

Memorial Day

Upcoming Memorial Day Event

This is a quick reminder about the Memorial Day Activities the last weekend of this month on Saturday May 28th and Monday May 30th. Remember that “Many hands… READ»

Charlie Olson

2015 East Valley Veterans Parade

This year’s East Valley Veterans Day Parade was another gala event. Out Post 1760 partnered with the Timeless Bombs Car Club for the parade entry and proved to be a great collaboration. So… READ»

Timeless Bombs Car Club

Veterans Day Parade partnership with the Timeless Bombs Cars Club

Post members, The Post leadership is happy to announce that the Timeless Bombs Car Club of Mesa has partnered with us for the Veterans Day Parade this year. … READ»

USMC Birthday

239th USMC Birthday Celebration Party

This year the Mesa VFW Celebrated the United States Marine Corps birthday with their annual event. Again hosting the proceedings was our Senior Vice Commander Jesse Chitwood. The… READ»

Veterans Day Parade 2014

2014 Veterans Day Parade

The 2014 East Valley Veterans Day Parade was a great event for all those involved. The weather was sunny and warm on this early November morning. Things started… READ»

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