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Queen of Hearts

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Post 1760 holds a weekly Queen of Hearts drawing. For a quick explanation of how this weekly event works here’s how it works:

Queen of Hearts wall
The posted Queen of Hearts board along with the Rules and Procedures in the Post 1760 Canteen
  • Throughout the week patrons purchase tickets.
  • On every Thursday evening starting at 7pm (ticket sales stop for said week at 6:50pm) a drawing is held. Winner of the drawing then is hosted to the locked card case and picks from a wall of individual envelopes with a number on each of them.
  • Winner chooses a numbered envelope and the playing card pulled out dictates monetary value for the winner.
  • If the Queen of Hearts is chosen, the winner takes the Jackpot amount!


*Updated June 13th, 2017

  1. Purchase of raffle tickets implies agreeance to all rules, as below.
  2. The QUEEN OF HEARTS game will be run by a committee of three (3) administrators, as appointed by the Post Commander. The committee will be responsible to setup the game board (verify all cards are present, place cards in envelopes numbered 1-54 and attach to the board) in a manner that is as random and unrevealing as possible. The committee will also conduct the weekly drawing and report all ticket sales to the Post Quartermaster. The committee members are PROHIBITED from playing the game. Prior committee members are eligible to play the game, if and only if, they have NOT been involved in running the current game board.
  3. Once the Queen of Hearts is drawn, that will constitute the end of the current game/board and a new game/board will be established as set forth in these rules.
  4. The Queen of Hearts game board will be displayed in the Canteen area and will remain locked at all times except during the drawing.
  5. To be eligible to play, you MUST be 21years of age or older and a CURRENT card carrying member, in good standing of any Veterans of Foreign Wars Post and it’s Auxiliary, American Legion Post, SAL and it’s Auxiliary, Disabled American Veterans Post, or Guest(s) of any of the previously mentioned. If your name is drawn, you must present your membership card along with your half of the winning ticket number, prior to selecting an envelope/card. If you do not have your membership card and your half of the winning ticket, then another name will be drawn. If you are not present, the prize amount of the envelope/card chosen on your behalf, as set forth in these rules, will be held until you present your membership card and your half of the winning ticket to any game administrator or Post Officer. In this case, if you do not have your membership card and your half of the winning ticket, the prize money will be placed back into the jackpot. In all cases, EXPIRED MEMBERSHIP CARDS ARE NOT ACCEPTED.
  6. All raffle tickets are sold as one (1) ticket for $1.00, with no limit on the number of tickets that may be purchased. Tickets may be purchased from any bartender on duty, or game administrator only. Tickets may be purchased immediately following the weekly drawing and up to 10 minutes prior to the next weekly drawing. All ticket purchases are FINAL and there will be NO REFUNDS.
  7. 65% of the daily ticket sales will go to populate the jackpot and pay out the other prize amounts posted. The jackpot will continue to accumulate and will be updated weekly in the Canteen, until the Queen of Hearts is drawn.
  8. PLEASE, write your name legibly on the half of each ticket you purchase to turn into the raffle. There can be only one name per ticket and please no nicknames or abbreviations. If you think that you will not be present during the weekly drawing, it is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED that you write your phone number and the envelope number down, that you would like drawn on the half of each ticket you turn in. The other half of the ticket MUST be retained by the player for verification purposes to draw an envelope/card and receive the cash prize associated with the revealed card. If you are not present for the weekly drawing, and there is no envelope number written on your winning ticket drawn, a game administrator will choose the envelope number at their random discretion and reveal the card in the envelope. If you are not present, YOU WILL RECEIVE 50% of the prize associated with the revealed card.
  9. Queen of Hearts

  10. Every Thursday (unless otherwise posted) at 7 PM, a name will be drawn from the tickets purchased that week and announced three (3) times. If you show up at any time after 7 PM and your name was announced three (3) times, you will be considered as not present. The Canteen clock is the official clock used. On certain holidays the drawing may be moved to a different day and time, this will be announced at the end of the preceding drawing and posted on this board as well.
  11. If your ticket is drawn and you are present, you will get to choose a numbered envelope and reveal the card inside. Once you announce an envelope number to a game administrator, that envelope number is final, you may not announce a different envelope number. You will then be awarded a cash prize as set forth by the current payout schedule posted. In the case of drawing the Queen of Hearts $500.00 in cash will be immediately paid to the winner. The remainder of prize will be paid in the form of a check as set forth in rule number 12.
  12. Once an envelope/card is selected, it will be removed from play and shown face up on the board until the end of the current game/board. Each week after the drawing, all tickets from that week’s drawing will be discarded.
  13. All eligible winning players are responsible for any and all taxes. A W-2G will be issued for prizes $600.00 and over. As well, 25% of the winnings may be withheld and reported to the IRS, if the prize is over $5000.00. NO prize $600.00 and over, will be paid either by cash, check, or combined cash and check, until form W-9 completely filled out. A government issued photo I.D. along with another form of I.D. (social security card, voter i.d., etc.) will be required as well. If an eligible player is unwilling or unable to provide W-9 information within four (4) weeks of winning said prize, your prize winnings will be subject to current backup withholding percentage as set forth by the I.R.S., before any prize money will be released.

Click here for the Queen of Hearts Tiered Payout Schedule

If you have further questions feel free to contact us.

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