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Established 1914, members of the Veterans of Foreign Wars of the United States Auxiliary set out to serve the veterans of this country and our communities in honor of the sacrifices and commitment of every man and woman who has served in uniform. The VFW Auxiliary is one of the nation’s oldest veterans’ service organizations and our members are the relatives of those who have served in overseas combat. On November 18th, 1931 the Auxiliary of Post 1760 Charter was established. The Auxiliary is an integral part of the VFW and supports a host of programs which pursue issues of national importance to veterans. These programs are designed to preserve veterans rights, advocate a strong national defense, promote patriotism and offer community service.

VFW Auxiliary Memorial Day 2016
Auxiliary of VFW Post 1760 on site at Mesa Cemetery for the Memorial Day ceremony handing water bottles and support for those in attendance. (May 30, 2016)

Like the VFW, the Auxiliary embodies the spirit of America that has prevailed through war and peace. While continuing to support the VFW and its causes, the Auxiliary has developed a social conscience of its own. With the collective goal with the VFW of helping families in distress, the Auxiliary members perform community service, fund cancer research, fight drug abuse and illiteracy, advocate for the rights of the elderly, and support the VFW National Home, Special Olympics, and other worthy causes.

Today, the Auxiliary continues to be involved in a wide range of activities. One of the most important programs the Auxiliary established was donating over $3 million annually towards cancer aid and research. All proceeds are 100% with no overhead. The Auxiliary has programs for veterans, their families, young people and the community at large. Many programs have been expanded and now are commonly accepted institutions within the community and nation. Although these programs are run locally, they are also a part of a larger nationwide effort, administered through the VFW Auxiliary National Headquarters. So deeply ingrained are such programs that the subtle guiding hand of the Auxiliary is often not seen or recognized.

Auxiliary VFW Objectives:

  • Provide assistance to the VFW Post and its members whenever possible
  • Provide assistance to the Auxiliary members whenever possible
  • Maintain true allegiance to the Government of the United States of America
  • Maintain fidelity to the Constitution and Laws of the United States of America
  • Foster true Patriotism
  • Maintain and extend the Institutions of American Freedom, Equal Rights and Justice to all men and women
  • Preserve and Defend the United States of America from all her enemies whomsoever

The Auxiliary to the VFW Post 1760 has a current enrollment of members, and continues to grow. Membership is open to all those that qualify.


Members must be citizens of the United States or a United States National, and at least 16 years old.

Those eligible are:

  • Husband/Wife
  • Widower/Widow
  • Father/Mother
  • Grandfathers/Grandmothers
  • Sons/Daughters
  • Grandsons/Granddaughters
  • Brothers/Sisters

Of persons who were or are eligible for membership in the Veterans of Foreign Wars of the United States.

Those eligible for membership in the VFW are those that have received a campaign medal for overseas service; have served 30 consecutive or 60 non-consecutive days in Korea; or have ever received hostile fire or imminent danger pay. Click here for more information.

Step- and adopted parents, children, siblings (and half-siblings), grandparents and grandchildren are considered the same as biological parents, children, siblings, grandparents and grandchildren and may join the VFW Auxiliary under their VFW-eligible veteran.

Proof of service is required for eligibility and must be obtained by the applicant.

Information on a veteran’s service record can be obtained by contacting:
National Archives and Records Administration
Phone: 1-866-272-6272


To apply for membership with the VFW Auxiliary you can apply onsite at the Post 1760 building:

  • Complete application form either at the Post building or online here and bring with you
  • Annual membership is $25
  • Provide for proof of eligibility (only if veteran is not a member of the same Post)
  • The local Auxiliary will investigate your eligibility and vote to accept or reject your application
  • *You can also postal mail your application, fee and proof of eligibility to our Post building addressed to ‘VFW Auxiliary of Post 1760’:
    • 65 S. MacDonald
      Mesa, AZ 85210

Being an VFW Auxiliary member includes the following:

  • May attend Auxiliary, County Council, District, Department (state) or National meetings, and is allowed to enter the business session of these meetings
  • May be a Delegate to the National Convention
  • May participate in any of the National Programs and earn Auxiliary, District, Department (state) and National Awards
  • May qualify for Cancer Care Plus Insurance Program (Cancer Insurance)
  • May receive a Cancer Grant, if eligible
  • May purchase self-pay insurances and burial benefits
  • May participate in member benefits received through the mail, e-mail or listed on the National website
  • May receive VFW Auxiliary Magazine and e-newsletter

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