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At VFW Post 1760 we understand the challenges active duty, veterans and military families can face. As a local community resource in Mesa, one program we have is the veterans relief fund that is funded entirely from donations received in conjunction with our semi annual distribution of “Buddy Poppies” around the Veterans Day and Memorial Day observances in accordance with VFW National By-Laws.

Section 704 - Relief Fund

The Quartermaster of the Post shall be the custodian of the relief fund and shall expend monies therefrom, as directed by the Post (which must be voted upon by the members present at the meeting), for the following purposes only.

  • Aid, assistance, relief, and comfort of needy or disabled veterans or members of the Armed Forces and their dependents, and the widows and orphans of deceased veterans.
  • Maintenance and expansion of the VFW National Home for Children and other facilities devoted exclusively for the benefit and welfare of the dependents, widows, and orphans of disabled, needy or deceased veterans or members of the Armed Forces.
  • Necessary expenses in providing entertainment, care, and assistance to hospitalized veterans or members of the Armed Forces.
  • Veterans rehabilitation, welfare, and service work.
  • To perpetuate the memory of deceased veterans and members of the Armed Forces, and to comfort their survivors.
  • To foster true patriotism through historical and educational programs.

Relief funds may be invested in approved securities but shall not be loaned to the Post or other units, or transferred from the relief fund in any manner or under any guise, except that relief funds may be transferred to the general fund for remission of dues of sick, needy, or disabled members." The Veterans of Foreign Wars employs an aggressive inspection and reporting system that encompasses all funds and operations to ensure Posts abide by the Congressional charter By-Laws and Manual of Procedure Ritual that is updated yearly.

Understand we get numerous requests every week and our ability to help those are limited to what donations we receive. As an alternative source for financial assistance for veterans, there are a large number of assistance programs for veterans online. Here are a few to list:

For those seeking financial assistance from VFW Post 1760, please complete the following form. For those receiving financial assistance from VFW Post 1760, we will require a current photo ID, proof of military service, and the bills in question for assistance with. Again, do understand our financial resources are limited to what donations our organization receives, and that priority is given to active duty military and their families. In order to enable veterans to get back on their feet we give this temporary assistance on a case by case basis.

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