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Hall Rental

Information about our Post Hall Rental:

Rent the VFW Post 1760 hall for parties, receptions, special occasions, organization events, or for your other social gathering needs! Located in the heart of Downtown Mesa, our building has many amenities and support for your special event. For those interested feel free to come visit to take tour of Post Building's hall.

  • 125 Max Capacity per Fire Marshall
  • Double Door entrance/exit to 1st Avenue & MacDonald streets
  • Small kitchen available for use:
    • Stove & Oven is electric, "Heat & Serve" ONLY (no cooking²)
    • Sinks for cleaning
    • Refrigerator
    • Microwave oven
  • Bartender and Security availability (*additional costs)
  • Table and Chairs, podium, projector screen
  • Bathroom access through the canteen entrance
  • WiFi available for free (limited DSL connection)
  • Parking available

Policies with Rental Agreement for the Post Hall:

  • Renting party assumes all liability and responsibility for any damages to premises, contents, and surrounding areas.
  • Renting party assumes all liability and responsibility for any and all infractions or actions during the rental period.
    • If Police authorities are required on site, it will be at the the renting party's expense.
  • Any notable damages by renting party after final inspection from VFW Post 1760 management, renting party agrees to pay for resulting cost to repair or replace.
  • NO smoking in Hall.
  • NO candles or open flames (battery or power cord fixtures are permitted).
  • NO use of confetti and/or "silly string" type products.
  • NO rave parties, Quinceañeras or unsupervised teenage parties are allowed.
  • NO illegal drug use, illegal activity, or underage drinking of alcoholic beverages is permitted on the premises.
  • NO alcohol is allowed to be brought in (per Arizona liquor law).
    1. Alcohol can be purchased through the canteen.
    2. Special requests for certain alcohols can be made that we do not already provide.
    3. No beverage glassware for alcohol is allowed in the Hall.
  • Renting party can prepare hall up to 24 hours ahead of scheduled rental start time.
    • IF there is a scheduled event the night before scheduled rental period, pre-preparation time is moved to the morning of event.
    • Chairs & tables require not to obstruct any of the exits/to have defined aisles that do not interfere with egress.
    • No tacks, nails, push pins or staples on tables or walls. Painters tape ONLY.
  • Each reservation will have an established starting time.
    • Rental period is for 3 hours paid time.
    • For extended periods beyond 3 hours, seek management for special arrangements that may or may not require additional fee.
  • Kitchen use of electric stove/oven is for the sole purpose of heating food ONLY. No cooking² is allowed per our Health Department license with Maricopa County.
  • All food and dishware are to be provided by the renter.
  • No behavior or party activity that would reflect negatively on the United States military, Veterans of Foreign Wars organization, or any United States military veteran organization.
  • Renter agrees that hall rental will not be used for the purpose of conducting any activity related to any outlaw organization. In addition it is agreed that no member of an outlaw organization who is attending any event may not display any article which identifies him/her as a member or supporter of any outlaw organization.
  • Any bar tab for the hall rental party patrons will automatically include a 20% gratuity fee (our bartenders are on a volunteer basis).
  • If requested for the rental period a Bartender, only Post Canteen bartenders can serve (no exceptions).
    • Bartender(s) and Post staff have full control of bartending activity. They may, at their sole discretion, refuse serving alcoholic beverages to any person(s). If need be they may close the bar in its entirety.
    • No consumption of alcohol outside the confines of the building is permitted.
    • Hall bartending is cash only.
    • Pricing is at average market price.

Hall Rental Fees are as follows:

  • Base Rental:
    • $350 - Members of VFW Post 1760
    • $450 - Member of veteran organizations (other VFW, DAV, American Legion, etc.)
    • $550 - Public
  • + $100 Damage/Reservation Deposit
    • This deposit is returned after final inspection by Canteen Manager and/or VFW qualified member.
    • NOTICE: A $25.00 service fee will be added for returned checks.
    • The $100 deposit is non-refundable if reservation is canceled within 72 hours from event reservation period.
  • + $50 Clean Up fee (If renting party cleans w/provided broom & mop bucket this fee is returned after inspection)
    • Additionally all decorations/items brought to the Hall must be removed and disposed of properly at the conclusion of the event by renting party.
  • + $50 Security (Security is required for larger than 25 person parties with alcohol being served)
  • + $20 Bartender in Hall fee (optional)
  • All bar tabs by guests will have an automatic 20% gratuity fee.

For those to secure reservation, paperwork needs to be signed and $100 deposit received.

For those seeking to hold Funeral Services at our Post Hall for a US Military Veteran, we currently do not have a service charge for that activity. More information can be found here.

For those seeking to hold a community event at our Post Hall, contact us to find out if a rental fee is required or not.

For those interested in renting our Hall, or seeking information with renting the hall feel free to visit us on site during normal hours of operation or contact us here.

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