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Mesa, AZ

Membership Transfer

VFW Post 1760 |

For those inquiring to transfer their VFW membership to Post 1760, thank you for the interest as we'd love to have you join our membership in Mesa, Arizona!

No proof of combat service is required for transferring and the application form will require less information (below). Once the transfer application is submitted to Post 1760 it will be brought before the monthly membership meeting and voted on for approval. If the application is approved, it will then be processed in the same manner as a new membership application and sent to the national office.

Transferring members can look to receive their new VFW membership card 3-4 weeks after the Post meeting approval. Membership cards are sent to transferring member’s home address unless other special arrangements have been made.

Transferring members can visit the Post Building to fill out a form, or optionally fill out the following form below to start the transfer process. For those filling the online transfer application below a follow up telephone call to confirm the transfer will follow before submitting to membership for voting approval.

Membership Transfer form

    By clicking on 'Submit Transfer' I here certify that it is my desire to transfer my VFW Membership to Post 1760.

    I further certify that I am not indebted to my former post, be it through oral or written commitment or otherwise, and that, to the best of my knowledge, no written charges have been preferred against me by my former post, and I understand that any such indebtedness or charge which may be disclosed any time hereafter will render this transfer null and void.

    2017 Veterans Day
    Post 1760