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Post Membership Officers 2022-23

Commander: Jesse Chitwood

Senior Vice Commander: Steve McDonald

Junior Vice Commander: David Hopkinson

Quartermaster: Cliff Brown

Chaplain: Gerald Hubbard

Adjutant: Ryan Vernaci

Service Officer: Eric Yates

Judge Advocate: Dan Fox

Trustee 1 Year: Matt Ullrich

Trustee 2 Year: John Anderson

Trustee 3 Year: Bob Burns

Surgeon: Dan Wilson

Post Membership Chairmen

Club Committee Chairman:

Club Committee Members:

Building Committee Chairman: Steve McDonald

Public Relations Chairman: Dan Wilson

Youth Activities Chairman: Dan Wilson

Post Auxiliary Officers 2022-2023

President: Sara Ritter

Senior Vice President: Susan Lord

Junior Vice President: Dawn Simspon

Secretary: Monica Collins

Treasurer: Sheryl Morton

Chaplain: Peggy Rivera

Conductress: Linda Keough


Trustee 1 Year: Melinda King

Trustee 2 Year: Noma Skinner

Trustee 3 Year: Lora Deutsch

Canteen Staff

Manager: Dan Wilson (interim)

Bartenders: Sara Ritter, Michelle Givens, Chris Ashley, Paden Wallace, Steven Erb

Backup Bartender: Brian Ritter

Janitors: Matt Frakes

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