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VFW Post 1760 |

From time to time we get stragglers and veteran stragglers seeking help and/or handouts.

  • No do we do not have hygiene kits
  • Bathrooms are for private club use (make best judgement to let them use or not)
  • You're obligated to give a plastic cup of water when asked
  • Unless the Commander or other line officer advises, stragglers are not to lounge in canteen (if in summer heat, can give them a few minutes to cool off)
  • If they're seeking financial assistance, advise them of the requirements (Financial link here). 

*Remember these are notes for your understanding in answering best to those who call for information. You are not required to read verbatim.

*If you have a question that is not answered on this website, NOTIFY Dan W. so we can get that unanswered question answer on here.

Post 1760