Halloween party
Post 1760's Halloween party

This year’s VFW Halloween Party was held on Saturday evening, October 27th. It was fun for all who attended, and more so for those who dressed up for the occasion. The highlight of the night was with the costume contest with prizes for the top three best dressed, Roger’s “Scary-Oke”, and a pot luck table of appetizers for everyone.

In attendance that night in the converted black lit canteen we had a few witches, a demon “on vacation”, another demon jester, a lady in masquerade,  coal minor just off of work, hippies, a crazy hairy woman (on a bad makeup day), football fans, priest who hadn’t slept in awhile, buccaneer, saloon gal, half gorilla, and a cowboy (sorry if I missed a few others in attendance).

When it came time to judge the costume’d contestants, we had a short promenade followed by a group dance.  There after the judging finished we had Jesse as the MC who had announced each of the three winning getup’s from Suzi.

Congratulations to our winners and thanks for everyone who came to share the festivities and good food and fun!