Cardon Children’s Medical Center
Photographed from left to right: Post 1760 Mens Auxiliary Treasurer Matt Frakes, Banner Health staff members Tracey Deaux & Mary McCann, and Post 1760 Commander Dan Wilson (4/14/2015)

Last August Mens Auxiliary Treasurer Matt Frakes had a fundraiser by accepting donations to have his hair cut, with the proceeds going to the Cardon Children’s Medical Center at Banner Hospital in Mesa. All those making a donation had the opportunity to attend the private “Shaving of the Head” ceremony, with those making a donation of $50 or more actually having the chance to take the clippers to Matt himself.

The event went well in August, and on Tuesday Matt presented the first of two checks of the proceeds from the fundraiser to Cardon Children’s Medical Center which will total to $560.00. Tracey Deaux, Mary McCann and staff were present to receive the first check and expressed much gratitude for the donation. They announced that the proceeds from the Mens Auxiliary of VFW Post 1760 will go towards the oncology fund which supports Cancer Survivor Day among other events. Many thanks goes out to Matt Frakes and all those who participated in the event, and for donating for a great cause!