This year's VFW award winners top row left to right: Meghan Treece, Gerald Prater, Nicole Berg. Bottom row left to right: Gabreaelle Hernandez, Andrew Wootton, Jacob Walters

Last month (April 2015) our Post Commander Dan Wilson awarded 3 ROTC awards to students at Arizona State University, and 3 JROTC awards to students at Mesa High School and Campo Verde High School.

These awards are presented to students upon their Commanders' recommendation that all qualifications have been fulfilled by the student. Those students who do complete those requirements the members of Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 1760 in Mesa wish to congratulate each cadet and midshipman on a job well done!

* ASU article on the awards ceremony: Cut above: ASU military students earn leadership awards

For more information on these school's ROTC and JROTC programs:

And for more information on the Veterans of Foreign Wars ROTC and JROTC awards you can click here.

Gerald Prater
2015 Arizona State University Army VFW ROTC winner Cadet Gerald Prater
Meghan Treece
2015 Arizona State University Navy VFW ROTC winner Midshipman Meghan Treece
Nicole Berg
2015 Arizona State University Air Force VFW ROTC winner Cadet Nicole Berg
Gabreaelle Hernandez
2015 Mesa High School VFW JROTC winner Cadet Gabreaelle Hernandez
Andrew Wootton
2015 Campo Verde High School VFW JROTC winner Cadet Andrew Wootton
Jacob Walters
2015 Campo Verde High School VFW JROTC winner Cadet Jacob Walters