Courtney Fox
Dode's 8 Courtney Fox in the first team match taking her shot at the APA Tri-City Tournament at Main Street Billiards (Oct. 28, 2017)

This year Post 1760’s APA Pool league team Dode’s 8 won their division in the summer session this year. They advanced to the APA Tri-City pool tournament that was held last Saturday at Main Street Billiards in Mesa.

The first match was played in a tight race. In summation the team tied in points which defaulted to which team won the most matches out of the 5. This resulted in a loss for the Dode’s 8 team and was knocked down to the lower bracket.

Dode’s 8 played their next match in another tight competition. Unfortunately again it came down to a close loss for the team.

Dode’s 8 team members: Dan Wilson, Sheryl Morton, Mitch King, Mike Oziminski, Courtney Fox, Jaclyn “Jackie” Rose, Mike Stoup and Jeannie Decker.

Team play continues into the Winter session, and players are wanted for the next session starting in late January. Contact Sheryl Morton or go to our Pool League page for more information.