The various volunteers who are working on the “Rocks and Shoals” entry for the 2017 Veterans Day Parade are creating a self-propelled float for the parade. It is to be a mock-up of the Nuclear submarine USS Phoenix SSN702. This float will be in the parade as testament to the Veterans who have stood their watch, then came home to lay hands on the work of building and maintaining the greatest country on earth. We also want to salute and say thank you to all the veterans and recognize their families who waited and suffered with their sons and daughters, who were and are serving in faraway places with strange sounding names.

If you would like to contribute to our work there are two venues that need your help:

  • Money donations for tools and paint to finish this project
  • We are recruiting crew to assist in assembling the float on the day of the parade and disassembling it at the end of the parade. In addition to hands for assembly/disassembly we could also use a couple of pick-up trucks to haul the modules to and from the parade arena.


Bob Burns



V.P. East Valley Veterans Parade Association
Cell: (480) 270-2846