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Special Extra Earnings for Military Service for those who served active duty between January 1957 - December 31, 2001.

Many military veterans might not know this, but there are additional social security benefits for those who have served active duty.

This is an extra Social Security benefit for those with active duty status between January 1957 to December 31, 2001 with plans for retirement (and for those already retired).

A military veteran (during the before mentioned dates) qualifies for a higher social security payment because of their military service. Veterans can qualify up to $1,200.00 per year of earnings credit credited at time of application, which can make a substantial difference in social security monthly payments upon retirement. To apply, you must bring your DD 214 to the Social Security Office and you must ask for this benefit to receive it.

Unfortunately this program from January 2002 forward, the Defense Appropriations Act stopped the special extra earnings that have been credited to military service personnel.

This is something to put in your files when you apply for Social Security down the road. It is NOT just for retirees, but for anyone who has served on active duty during the qualifying dates.

Again, this benefit is not automatic. You must ask for it.

For more information go to Social Security Administration website here:

Much appreciation to Jerry Jones (our retired barber) bringing this to our attention!