new flag pole top
VFW Post 1760 new flag pole top repaired wind damage.

New Flag Pole topYou may have noticed something missing outside our post the past few weeks. Our flag pole was empty. Now, the American flag waves proudly above the Arizona and POW flags, once more. The Post 1760 flag pole was repaired on October 2, 2020. The flags are new, as is the “truck,” the pulley system on top of the flag pole. Post 1760 appreciates the quick response and quality work by American Flag & Pole Company.

We do not know just how old the old truck was when it failed a few weeks ago in high winds. However, we believe it dated back to at least the 1960s. As you can see, the old system consisting of a bolt welded to a steel cap that sat on top of the pole. Two nuts and a washer on the bolt secured the pulley. The metal on the pulley loop finally fatigued to the point of failing, after more than half a century!  That is American quality manufacturing.

flag pole repair old flag pole top
Flag pole repair: Old flag pole top consisted of bolt welded to cap.
flag pole repair Old pulley
Flag pole repair: old pulley failed after many decades. Arrow points to where the metal failed.

Flag pole repaired and renovated

American Flag & Pole Company promptly replied to our request for assistance. The long pole in the tent, so to speak, was getting the crane scheduled to carry out the repairs. Thankfully, the company were able to get us scheduled this week.  They not only repaired but also renovated the look of our flag pole. The new pole topper stands out, as it is a gleaming brass ball.

Dan Wilson put a great post up on our Facebook page, with more pictures showing the repair process.  Stop by our post’s Facebook page for this story and the latest news and events from the Dode Morris VFW post. The gleaming new flag pole top calls attention to Dode Morris Post 1760, inviting attention to the massive interior renovation we accomplished in May.