building repair maintenance
VFW Post 1760 Repair Maintenance period

UPDATE: Canteen re-opening has been extended to be open Tuesday, August 2nd. Apologies for extension as flooring sealant curing is requiring a longer timeframe.

The Post Membership approved repair maintenance period is upon us, taking advantage of the slow time of year. Starting Thursday July 7th through Thursday July 21st the Canteen will be closed for business during this time period.

The post monthly meetings and one CCW class that is scheduled are still to be held in the Post Hall. Closure is subject to change to opening sooner should all that needs to be accomplished is finished before the 21st.

Work scheduled to be done, time permitting are:

  • Primary work: Flooring behind bar replacement
  • Additional: Womens’ bathroom stall flooring (1)
  • Canteen floor baseboard installation (replace the temporary black latex floor boards
  • Replace billiard area smoke eater (i.e., the ‘roulette wheel’) motor
  • CCTV maintenance
  • Laying a layer of wax on canteen floor

This along with other small tasks/projects are looking to be accomplished during this time.

Those who want to volunteer, please let us know along with your availability. David Hopkinson is the lead with the flooring work. Dan Wilson with other small tasks.

Thank you everyone for the support and patience while we get this much needed work done!